Saturday, December 5, 2009

Johnebob and greasy balls, a good match

After a long work week, Johnebob had a hankerin' for some bowling. He and I made our way down to the Lanes of Laramie at 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon for a few games. It has been cold here at 7,200 ft above the level of the sea. Our low temperature yesterday was a balmy -15 degrees. Ice is everywhere. The snow, now two or three weeks old, will not melt. It is not good to be outside, but the weather is ideal for rolling.

We got off to a rough start. The lack of practice frames is non-league bowling is always obvious. John started with two opens. I started with four. Then something happened. Both of us struck frames 5 through 9. Five in a row; ten in a row for the two of us! Despite starting with four opens, I finished that game at 190. Johnebob landed a nice 188.

In Game 2, John went off with a 225. In Game 3, a 194. When all was said and done, John recorded the first 600 series ever for a BM, a 606 to be exact. He did this with sixteen strikes and he even left six frames open. He was all over the pocket. I was happy with my 521, but 606? Holy rolling bowling balls, Batman! Unfortunately, this was not in USBC sanctioned league play, otherwise he would be receiving a fridge magnet. Here's his 600 series:

So, last year, John was our anchor, our best bowler. This year, he has consistently averaged in the 150's, pretty much where he left off. Interestingly, however, I saw him nearly get 600 pins one other time this year, also not during league. On both days, the lanes were oily.

At the end of last season, he picked up a Brunswick Twisted Fury, a ball with a ton of action, and I am starting to think that greasy lanes suit him best. Lane conditions during our league play have been very dry. We are the 2nd league to bowl on Monday's, and by the time we roll, the right sides of the lanes have big curving grooves dug into the oil. For comparison, yesterday, I was throwing my first ball around 12 mph to find the pocket. During league, I take it up to 14-15 mph. It requires a very precise shot or a lot of speed to keep a ball with a lot of break on the right side when you are bowling on what seems like sand paper. That's my best guess for what's going on, or maybe he suffers from the same malady as E.B.

Whatever it was that sent John to the moon yesterday, I hope it's still there on Monday, greasy or dry. We need some wins.


  1. My legacy to bowling (or vice versa) is to be associated with a malady.

  2. And, silly me, I'm always thinking of myself.

    Congrats, Johnebob, from your mates in Arlington! I'm sure my 1st 600 series-- white whale that it is-- will come during practice, too. Yesterday, when I had a 212, then a 180, I foolishly began to believe I could actually throw another 200 game (208 for a 600)...

  3. Hey, shape up that attitude! Everybody has their rough patches. I seem to have forgotten how to pick up ten pins, even though I had it mastered a month ago.

  4. Actually, watching pros struggle puts it all in focus. I was just watching two guys from 1996 on ESPN Classic finish 179-155. Both were at about 75 in the 5th frame. Missed spares, missed spares, missed spares (but when they do it, they've misread the oil or grabbed the wrong ball; when I do it, I just suck).

  5. I enjoy seeing pros miss spares. It makes me feel like a pro. The more I look at the title of this post and the pic up there (rocky mtn oysters), the more I want to change them.

  6. Well, I wasn't going to say anything...


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