Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Secrets to Bowling Victory

Its no secret this team was/is in a slump, and has not had sustained success since September. Wikipedia defines a sports slump as "a period of time when player or team is not performing well or up to expectations. It is pretty much a dry spell or drought, though it is often misused to define a player's decline that is natural during their career.

There are various theories behind the cause of a slump. Some attribute it simply to the reasons behind a gambler's bad luck. While a player's or team's average collective statistics over a career or season may be quite respectable, there may be peak times when performance is really spectacular, while there are also expected low points with an inevitable drought. Others believe there are psychological issues behind a slump. At times, a player, or all the key players on a team, may feel less motivated or may not be adept to handling clutch situations."

All viable hypotheses for our teams extended foray into the leauge basement.

However, for all those wondering how we managed to take down the league leaders, I think this video best tells the tale (link below). There is one key attribute to last nights win, without which we would not have been able to match the "Overrated" squad - Spare pick-ups. Picking up spares can help every bowler raise their average. If a player misses a spare, their average will drop like a stone canoe on a fishing excusion on Lake Suck, and picking up spares can decide whether a player is able to bowl a 200 game or a 120 game.

Last night, we marked up our fair share of frames. Splits and singles knew no mercy. All because we observed this tried and true technique.

Note the style and ease of which this bowler picks up a 7-10 split. Thank you TTF.


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  2. Hey, wasn't the Great Gazoo involved in that somehow?

    (I need the Great Gazoo tonight.)

  3. I think he was there only as a sub the week Rubble was out with the Dino-flu!

  4. I think I have been fishing on Lake Suck more than a few times.

  5. Ahhhhh Lake Suck, where bad bowlers recreate (but, thankfully, not procreate)...

    I float around in a little dinghy named IGNOMY (really, around in circles, 'cause I only have one oar...in the water, anyway).

    How come every time I bowl I hear someone yelling "Watch out for the falls!"

    (Maybe tonight I'll muster the strength, grab the other oar, and row back to shore with my ass intact.)

  6. Okay, I know that the name is spelled wrong... That's the ignominy part...

  7. "drop like a stone canoe on a fishing excursion on Lake Suck"

    Sagacious words, and the imagery makes me feel like I'm there...

    ...watching EB row in circles.

  8. Urban Magic Johnson - got an email I can ask you a question through?


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