Monday, December 7, 2009

Senior Leadership

Tonight's theme: senior leadership. No, I'm not talking about you, Dell Sol, and stop googling yourself! Ok, I'm already going tangential, but I think I should create something called the Dell Sol factor. It is your average plus your age. Dell Sol would dominate our league by this measure. I'm sitting around 201. Dell, if I had to guess, is about a 260. Damn, that guy is bad ass and a really nice guy, too.

Anyway, tonight, the Rook had an off night, but the senior Movements put him on our collective back and carried the night. JD, JL, and I are in our 4th years of Bernaski, our senior years. We ought to have something to show for it. It is good to have a senior point guard, but if you can put some experienced talent around him, it's a winning combo. That was us tonight. First, let me set the table.

Tonight's opponent was Team 6, also known as Overrated. These guys are fairly new to the league. I think they joined last year. Last year, they were not good, like Bowl Movement bad. This year, they have learned how to bowl. They are about 60 pins better than we are. Prior to tonight, we had lost eight straight to the Boyer-Brackenrich Beatdown Brigade. Since the start of the BIA, we have a record of 3-9 against these guys. They have had our number. They currently sit in 1st place in the Memorial League of Bernaski.

But on this night, the eve of the 1st anniversary of the BM Report, they fell victim to experience, to calm under pressure, to senior leadership. In the 1st, we had an average game. They did not. They handed us a 60 pin lead. We were led by Daniele and Laughlin with 180 and 171, respectively.

Game 2 went down to the wire. We had a 23 pin lead with Brackenrich sitting on a strike in the 10th. He needed a mark and 3 for his team to take the game. He hung a 4 pin, and despite his nerves, picked it up. He struck on the bonus ball to give them a seven pin victory. He was clutch under pressure.

In Game 3, we started poorly, while the 6'ers went spare crazy, converting something like 11 of 12 chances. By the 4th frame, the game was basically even. It would be head to head, mano a mano, scratch bowling from there on out. I pulled off a miracle 5-bagger. By miracle, I mean that I did not hit the pocket once, and yet they all went down five times in a row. Daniele never opened a frame the entire game. After the 2nd frame, Laughlin only opened the 6th. We ended with 708 pins scratch and 979 with the cap. This is a very big game for us. We held on to take the third and easily the 4th.

First, I want to give Daniele some props. His game has been so drama-laden that it should be on daytime television, but tonight was his night. I thought I had a nice 3rd game with a 202, but he took it with a 210. Not only was this his highest game ever in league, but he also had his highest series, a 542, or an average of 180.7. The graph below shows Daniele's series over the last year. Despite being our top bowler for the first half last season, he went on a huge slide from January to March. Who knows what happened. He would probably say that it was because I started broadcasting his suckitude to the world every week. Anyway, with the new season and new ball, he has been reborn. Three weeks ago, he had his best series ever, a 539. Tonight, he pushed that three pins higher.

While Daniele carried us, he did not do all of the heavy lifting. The seniors, JD, JL, and I all had good nights. We averaged well over a 500 series, a 518 to be exact. This was easily our best night ever. On only one other occasion had we averaged over 500, and that was the first week of this season. On that night, the three of us recorded 1,517 pins. Tonight, we got 1,555. We all had good nights.

So, now we sit a solid four games sub .500 with three weeks left in the first half. Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, we always seem to flirting with that number. Next, week I will be in the City by the Bay, and K-Terk will make the perilous trek from Cheyenne to don the red and black for the 4th time. Two seniors and two freshmen will take to the hardwood in battle against the Hucks, another team that has owned us. No doubt, they will also dominate next week, unless my absence once again plays to our advantage.


  1. Silly man, my game has been wildly erratic on purpose. I like to teach that often in life total chaos can be just around the corner. I opt to use bowling to illustrate that point, with totally unpredictable games.

  2. Oh yeah, sorry I forgot that part. I also forgot the part about how when you leave a pocket 7-10 split, you only do it for illustrative purposes.

  3. I love JD. He up and done learned me all everything I is knowing.


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