Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Team Game, Personal Goals

300 times 2 that is. So, 600. No, not Spartans from this entertaining movie from Warner Bros. Pictures, but pins at the Laramie Lanes.
Aside from my goal every Monday of helping The Bowl Movements (c) go 4-0, I also shoot for some personal goals. I tend to think about my personal goals only when I am bowling well, as I do think about bowling, but focus on drinking, when I can not hit a thing. Of late I am bowling well though. A 566 and 539 in back-to-back series got me thinking of a new milestone- the 600 game. My games last night were good, sitting with a 201 and 193 after the first two games, meaning a 206 in the third would take me to the promise land. Alas, a 140 in the 3rd game meant that last night it was not to be.

So close, yet seemingly miles away from 600.

I started wondering if anybody else thinks a 600 series is something special..........and don't ya know it, there is a club for 600 series bowlers! A club where 15 dollars buys you a lifetime membership with all the perks and privileges only a select few can attain (see below)! Imagine the fame and notoriety one would have walking down the street in “any town” U.S.A. being a member of that club. I can only dream.

National 600 Club, Inc. , I will try my best to join your ranks, and when I do, I will wear my honor proud. Oh, nevermind, ladies only. Maybe the rest of my team can join. ZING!

"The National 600 Bowling Club, Inc. is a nonprofit and independent organization comprising USBC members who have bowled a 3-game series of 600 or more in USBC sanctioned league or tournament competition. The club was organized in 1948 and during the 2009-2010 season will be celebrating its sixty-second year. (Learn more about our rich history!)

We are referred to by USBC as an affiliate or allied organization. Membership is applied for through the Secretary-Treasurer by sending a local association verified application. An application form can be found on this site (see Membership for more information)

Dues are $15.00 for a life membership. As of January 2008, there are over 383,500 members in our organization. Included are members of the PWBA as well as members of the WIBC/USBC board and WIBC Hall of Fame inductees. While most are from the United States, there are members from Canada, Finland and Puerto Rico making us truly an international organization.
We strive for accomplishments both on and off the lanes and promote bowling fellowship and esprit de corps. We invite you to join us in our elite bowling organization."


  1. Is there a 400 series bowling club?

  2. Did you check out their officers? I think you'd fit right in.


  3. and of course, there is Article II section A of the bylaws which states that the purpose is "To unite in a national honorary group all female bowlers..."

    I think you will need more than a 600 series to join.

  4. I now have a goal of my own: do whatever I can to join this Bowling Cougar Club!!

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  6. Ahhhhhh the elusive 600. It's like the yeti or chupacabra ('round these parts) or UFOs... It's my white whale. I have come close a couple of of times (the closest by 6 pins the season before last). The closer you get to it, the more elusive it becomes. I have tipped 400 pins in 2 games, only to come unglued in the 3rd.

    Since coming to grips with my Great Regression of '09, I figure I'm as likely to bowl a 400 as a 600-- and maybe on a good night a 500.

    To achieve a 600 in league requires mental strength or mental vacuity. And I'm somewhere in between.

    (by the way, you know that the white whale wins in Moby Dick, right?)

  7. I agree with garthstich, I think. But I we must not forget that absolute zero is defined as precisely 0 K on the Kelvin scale.

    EB, well put, a white whale it is.

  8. I think the jury's still out on GarthStitch; I might have said it a little differently, but, really, he may have a point.

  9. Hey, Garthstitch is a spammer. :(

    I take back all the nice things I was going to say about him.

    (It's stuff like this that makes a blogger have to moderate...which is as timely as it is convenient.)


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