Friday, January 15, 2010

La caca del toro

Monday night was a sweet and sour affair. I'll start with the sweet candy center. We faced Prairie Rose and took 3 of 4 games. We bowled fairly well, except in the 2nd. We had a 200 game for the fourth week in a row. We did not reach the great heights of the week before, but I can't complain about a 3-1 night. I am not used to the first number being bigger than the second. It just hasn't been my style of late.

Speaking of 200 games, well, they have become the norm rather than the exception. The graph below shows the high game score of the night for the 39 weeks of the BIA. Last season, we hit the deuce five times in 22 weeks, or 22.7% of the time. This season, we have done it 10 times in 18 weeks, or 55.6% of the time. Not only that, we have had multiple 200 games in a single night on at least three occasions during the current season. Improvement is real thing, believe it or not.
The only other news from the night involved the Rook. Fresh off of the "I can roll a 200 game" declaration, in Game 2, he found himself in an uncomfortable but familiar position. He sat in the 9th frame with a 78 on the verge of joining "the club". The club refers to the record BM low game score of 88. The club currently has two members. If the Rook didn't mark the 10th, he actually would not have joined the club but formed a new club. Because we were getting our ass kicked in this game, it added some much needed drama to the 10th frame. Gingy stepped up to bowl with a jittery right hand, but in spite of his nerves, he knocked 'em all down. Johnebob proposed that anytime somebody joins the club or forms a new one, we have to go out for club sandwiches. The motion was approved unanimously. Here's the Rook's tight 97:

Now for the sour candy shell to the night. The Briefcase showed me the standings for the start of the 2nd half. I scrolled down the column to find "Bowl Movements". To the right of our team name, there stood a 1 and to its right, a 3. What the f*&k?!?!? We are 1-3????? How is this possible?

We had our best night of bowling EVER! How could we only have won one game? Apparently, Little Caesars not only had their best night ever, but it was even better than ours. Our luck this year has been in the toilet. That's complete caca del toro.

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  1. So we all like the idea of club sandwiches but we will have to find another reason to have them - perhaps JD renewing his membership to the club. On the other hand, I have been receiving added pressure about the club - some blog followers have now put 15 dollars up as bet that I will join the club. I may have to slightly alter my bowling stratgey, but as of now I should have a bonus at the end of the season - probablities againist me or not


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