Saturday, January 9, 2010

Triple Dipping

On January 5 of the year AD 2009, the Movements had their best night of bowling ever. The Canadian was in the tropics, and Becker came down from Casper to valiantly sub for the team. On that night, we recorded 1,938 pins as a team. That record sat on the books for more than one revolution around the sun, but last night, it finally fell.

Clearly, we needed some time off. We hadn't bowled as a team for some 18 days. We missed last Monday's festivities due to the absence of two BM's. So as not to forfeit, we made our way down to the Lanes of Laramie on a valuable Friday night to make up our missed session. Apparently the timing was right.

Our team series was a 1,978, or an average of just about 165 per bowler. We barely missed averaging a 500 series as a team. It was a good night for triple dipping. The triple dip includes: 1) THREE 200 games; 2) THREE 500 series; 3) THREE 900 games handicapped. All of this added up to a really nice night of bowling and should equate to a good start to the 2nd half of the season.

A few more odds and ends. Johnebob took the majority of the leaderboard including a 61% pickup percentage and going 7/8 on single pin chances. Daniele has now hit 200 and 500 three weeks in a row, even though he struggled to get there early in the season. I went six for eight on spares in Game 1, but then went 0 for 10 the rest of the night. Still, I pulled out the 500. So, he doesn't feel left out, at the end of the night, the Rookie proclaimed that he feels he can roll a 200 game. [He went 1 for 7 on single pin tries.] I told him I would crunch the numbers to figure out his chances.

With our three 200 games last night, our total as a team stands at 18, at least since I've been keeping track. Before the start of the BIA, Daniele had one, and Johnny had at least three. During the BIA, the core movements stand perfectly even with six apiece. We have truly come a long way from where we were four years ago. When someone used to roll a 200, it felt like we had won the lottery. Nowadays, it's more like a nice birthday present.



  2. That's a great night, you guys! Congratulations!

    (And, the video wouldn't work, Anonymous.)

  3. Thanks, EB. I am going to assume that Anon was a spammer.

  4. No, I'm not a spammer. Listen to the Stephen Lynch's Bowling Song you deuce. Just trying to get you psyched.

  5. Hey Anon, Good to have you back. Sorry for the case of mistaken identity. I've had a spate of spam lately. Listening to it now...

  6. Thanks Anon, That's good stuff. Here's a link that should work:

  7. (When Anony called you a deuce, I almost wet myself...)


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