Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bad bet, Pinnius

Pinnius, God of Bowling, why must you smite me? Have I not followed your ten commandments of bowling, such as Number 7: Cultivate thine mustache on thy fertile field of thine upper lip? What more must I do? Provide you offerings of burnt flesh, like hot dogs on a rotary heat lamp cooker? Come on, buddy. Can't you lend a brother a hand? And what are you doing in Vegas? I had no idea you could bet on the Laramie Bowling City Championships there. Looks like our odds are about right. You're going to bet on Prairie Rose, aren't you? You bastard! I thought we were your chosen sons. Why don't you just go back to that bowling alley in Valhalla, get drunk and eat nachos. We'll do this one on our own.

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