Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bowling in Moving Pictures: Meet the new recruit

Being the most important bowling team in the universe, the Bowl Movements always have our eyes open for new talent. As the Rookie is only expected to be with us for one more year, we frequently discuss who can be brought in to fill the three hole in the lineup. Our current sub, K-Terk, is an obvious choice, especially if he moves back to the Gem City, but we are currently in negotiations with the bowler in the video below. We expect a letter of intent any day now.

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  1. Hey! I throw JUST like that (I think my aim is a little off, though)!

    By the way, Harry has been replaced by "E.A.R.L." This is from the not-very-user-friendly USBC site:

    "Even robots need a rest sometimes. That’s why Harry, our ball-throwing robot, recently retired after ten years and thousands of shots as one of the most important members of the USBC research staff. We owe Harry huge thanks for all the knowledge he has helped us gain about bowling balls and lanes. After reading through hundreds of suggested names for the new robot that will be taking Harry’s place, a name has finally been chosen: “E.A.R.L.,” which stands for Enhanced Automated Robotic Launcher."


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