Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bowling Mustaches: The Smallwood

As a continuation of our effort to review top of the line bowling equipment, our second featured bowling mustache is the Smallwood, developed and successfully implemented by PBA World Champion Tom Smallwood. Although a fairly nascent development in the bowling world, the early success of the Smallwood suggests that it may soon become commonplace in the sport. The Smallwood's specifications are:

Style: The Smallwood
Color: Light Brown
Thickness: Thin
Length:Width Ratio: 6.30
Earnings: $84,087.50
Titles: 1

The Smallwood is not recommended for beginning bowlers. Its smoothly tapered margins may prove too technically challenging for most novices to master, but doing so is likely to pay dividends. If you choose to attempt a Smallwood, it is important to thin it just beneath the septum. Also, it is most effective when paired with a subtle soul patch.

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