Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Damned if you do, damned if you do

We were coming off of our worst two week consecutive performance of the BIA. We were facing the Wolfpack, the newbies in the league for the first time. If we could just turn our bowling around, things were looking up. We were tied for second to last in the league. We needed some wins. We didn't really get them. We only managed to win one of four.

Pinnius, the god of bowling, has been frowning upon us lately. A few weeks back, we had one of our best weeks ever against Little Caesars and only won one game. This week, we bowled 81 pins over average and only took a single game. We even bowled 260 pins better than last week. Yet, we still got our ass kicked. Two words describe our situation: "Shit luck".

It was a strange night. It's strangeness was capped by watching a guy messing with the pins in Lane 13 getting beaned in the ankle by a 20 mph house ball. Ouch. On the positive side, both Johnebob and the Rook had good nights. John had a 500 series, 512 to be exact, and the Rook, a 459. The Rookie was 78 pins over average and picked up 54.2% of his spares, a remarkable accomplishment for somebody in his first season. Johnebob led the team in strikes with a dozen and first ball average with 8.4.

So, over the last three weeks, we have gone 1-11. Ouch. Last night, our last game was killer, a 958 handicapped. Maybe we've turned the corner on the bowling part. Now, if we could just flip luck to the other side of the coin, we'd start climbing back up the standings.


  1. I don't know if ol' boy is responsible for how badly I bowled in the fall (and two weeks ago), but I'm sure I've been haunted by some of his (filet) minions. Nor do I know what it takes to appease him. Maybe he found a goddess last Tuesday night and was too preoccupied to make a marionette out of me again.

    Let's hope he's getting his grapes peeled again on THIS Tuesday night.

  2. As a seminary student, you should know that your ups and downs on the lane are all about you, but it sure is nice to point a finger somewhere else when you can't find the pocket.

  3. So I heard the pack talking about getting shirts last night, I think they plan to get a wolf printed on their new bowling shirts. After the beat down last night I'm a little afraid to see how they roll with a bitchn' wolf on their back.

  4. I recommend these:

  5. That shirt is amazing; I'll pick one up next time I'm at a monster truck rally.


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