Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Month of the Rook

As of late, I've been a bit focused on myself, my woes, and my facial hair, but there are other things astir in the Movements. For example, two weeks ago, Johnebob landed a 512 series and a dozen X's. This week, the Italian Scallion knocked down 510 pins. But simmering beneath the glory of the veteran 500's have been two remarkable performances by the Rookie.

I keep waiting for the Rook to join the 88 club or to form his own club even lower, but he has been keeping a good distance from that number. Check out his series over the last month or so:

The first four series in that group are pretty much what's expected for a freshman season, but the last two are above and beyond the call of duty. Consider that he came into our February 8 league night with a 127 average. That is equivalent to a 381 series. On that day, however, he put up a 450 series. Then, this week, he went even higher, coming home with a 470. It makes you wonder if he has a 500 in his near future. I should note that the highest series on record for a rookie Bowl Movement was put up by the Canadian on December 22, 2008 when he recorded a 478 for three games, but the 920 pins put up by Gingy, this season's rookie, over the last two weeks are easily a record.

It is also worth pointing out that this upward swing is not sustainable. He has been adding an average of 28 pins a week to his series. If he could continue doing so, he'd easily be over 500 in 2 weeks. By the end of the season, he'd be brushing up against a 900 series. Yeah, that ain't gonna happen. He hasn't even recorded double digit strikes once over the last two weeks. On Feb. 8 he had nine X's. This week, he had seven.

So what's going on with the Rook lately? Obviously it's about spares. For two weeks in a row, he has picked up more than 50% of his spares. This week, he led the team in pickup%, getting 66.7% of his leaves, or 16 for 24. This is easily a record for a rookie in the BIA. The 2nd closest performance was his own from the previous week when he got 54.2%. He also did the same back on September 21.

Keep it up Rook. Keep doing what you're doing. If we're ever going to get some wins, we're going to need it.


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  2. That's a nice run down. My goal is to make it past the tournament at this pace. After that who knows. I have been feeling something lately - what that is I don't know. But slow and steady seems good.


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