Sunday, February 28, 2010

Remember the Great Awakening?

In the midst of our recent and prolonged slump, there has been one phrase frequently uttered by our cleanup man, Daniele, "Remember the Great Awakening?" It is a question that harkens back to brighter days on the Bowl Movement scene, days when the sun shone, flowers bloomed, lions played with lambs, and a majority vote actually meant something in the United States Senate. Actually, it wasn't that long ago. It refers to Daniele's bowling from December 7 through January 18, although it seems like it an eternity has passed.

Our cleanup man has a habit of naming things. For example, his two children have had endless names, such as Tater Man and Van Migliac. He is similar to Dubya this way, I guess. When he speaks of the "Great Awakening," he speaks of this:

That graph with a squiggly line doesn't look like much, but it speaks to a string of seven consecutive brilliant outings on the hardwood. Over these seven weeks, his low series was a 494; his high was a 566. He averaged 532 pins per night, or just over 177 pins per game with six 500+ series. He had five 200 games, including his high game of all time, a 222. He also had two 199's. On top of all that, he had the first and only 1st ball average exceeding 9.0 for a Bowl Movement on the 21st of December. The Great Awakening was a special time for JD.

Something happened. Over that magical seven week period, he struck 42% of his frames. For the rest of this season, his strike percentage has been around 29%. Now, I am one to usually attribute such changes to chance, but in this case, the difference is clear and absolutely real. Something was different during the Great Awakening. He was playing pocket pinball like a man with too much time on his hands, and by that, I mean he was absolutely blistering the pocket every night.

It is worth noting that JD has strikes in his genes. Earlier this season, his dad JD, Sr., rolled a perfect game in Erie, PA. Thus, you could probably infer that our cleanup man has an X chromosome, maybe even two. So, his head doesn't swell to the size of a watermelon, I should note that two weeks after the end of the Great Awakening, he bowled his worst series of the BIA, a 337.

So, yes, absolutely I remember the Great Awakening. Hopefully this week, our team can use it as inspiration to finally end this Rip Van Winkle impersonation and have an awakening of our own.

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