Monday, March 15, 2010

Announcing the WTSBMBC: The 1st Annual Wyo-Tex Spring Break Mediocrity Bowling Classic

Brought to you by the Seriously Underachieving Cadre of Keglers (S.U.C.K.), to be held over the next two days in Laramie, Wyoming and Arlington, Texas, the 1st Annual Wyo-Tex Spring Break Mediocrity Bowling Classic, known by the easy to remember acronym WTSBMBC, is sure to become a major event in the world of sport. The best of the worst bowling teams in the the world, the fighting HCLC-A'ers, will be entering the bowling battle field versus the men in black (and red) from the Cowboy State, the Bowl Movements.

What's at stake? If the Movements win, EB and any of his fellow bowlers who so choose will don Rockies caps for the opening week of the MLB season. If the Texans are victorious, Movement2 and any members of his team with 15 lbs balls will wear Rangers caps on April 5, 2010. The teams are so evenly matched that this bout will be fought with a minimal handicap difference (HCLA, 274; BM's, 271) over a three game set. Pin total means nothing. Winner of at least two of three takes the title.

America's Cup, you can suck it. You got nothin' on this. Competition to be broadcast on ESPN 8, The Ocho.

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