Friday, March 5, 2010

And the worst bowling team in the entire city is...

The Bowl Movements! Finishing in the City Championships with a scratch series of 1,637 pins, it is now official that we are the worst bowling team in the city. Incidentally, last year, our scratch pin total was better than that of two other teams, so we have definitely slipped. From this terrible picture taken with my phone, you will see that in the scratch standings, we finished 56th of 56 teams. If you can't laugh at yourself, at whom can you laugh?

The Caesars took us by five pins. If you look carefully at that image, you will notice that the Misfits in 54th position beat us by more than 200 pins scratch.

In brighter news, there were three teams who actually had a worse night than we did. In the handicapped standings, we were 53rd!


  1. That medal cracks me up!

    Just remember: a) you have nowhere to go but up, and b) there's always the next time.

    Few things in life are as forgiving as bowling... We share in your commiseration, brothers!

  2. I appreciate the optimism. One day, we'll be good at bowling. Maybe.

  3. I bet none of them have a world renowned blog though!

    My team got schooled 0-7 last week, it was a quiet drive home afterward, we played well but the planets aligned for the other team.

    I agree with EBH, love the medal!

  4. World renowned? That's funny. This blog is absolutely huge among five people in three states.

  5. Your rabid fans are happy with the performance, and that's all that matters. I'd rather be bad at something, yet revered than good at something and vilified....

    *cough* Kobe *cough*


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