Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BM Report #3920492814920

It is nearly April, and my focus is shifting. It is very suddenly hard to find the motivation to write about bowling. Even the Briefcase seemed a little weary of the league last night. I think we are all ready to hang up the bowling bags for the summer.

Here's a very short synopsis of last night's competition. We bowled unopposed. This is the first time we have done so since the first week of the season. We managed to win three. We choked in Game 3, but what the heck, we picked up a few more wins and a little more cash for hookers and drugs.

The highlight of the night had to be Johnebob's 2nd game. He got a new personal best with a 230 game. Strangely, he did so despite starting the game with a gutter ball - six frame. So, it is preserved for internetual perpetuity, here it is:

Only four more weeks to go. I gotta dig deep. The quest to reach .500 is still intact, but it won't be easy. We are now eight games under at 20-28. With four weeks remaining, we need to average three wins a week to get there. There's a little motivation to keep rolling my balls.

And I have to give EB credit for the pic. Different pic but same genre and mood.


  1. I'm with you man. As this season winds down, so does my enthusiasm for the game. I'm down from 3 practice sessions a week to one, if that, now.

    It's been a good ride, thanks for all you do.


  2. Matt, That's really weird. It's like everybody hit a wall at the same time. The rest of my teammates are ready for bowling to end. EB is there, too. I guess it's just that time of year. By the end of the summer, we'll all be itching to bowl again. -todd

  3. This is odd, and I must be in the minority, because I find myself wishing to bowl more these days. Our season runs from Labor Day week to the first week of May, but I keep getting humbled by new events on the lanes, and thus keep striving to do more and improve.

  4. I hear you, Josh. My interest comes and goes, but after 28 consecutive weeks of bowling on Monday night, for me, it is starting to feel like a chore.


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