Monday, March 22, 2010

Bowling against ourselves

Last week, we bowled against team HCLC A and were humiliated. Our normal Bernaski opponents did not even show up, or they would have done the same. This week, for the first time in the 2nd half (I think), we bowl unopposed.

As I understand the league rule, in order to defeat ourselves on the lanes, we must bowl over our averages minus ten pins per bowler. If that is correct, to win a game, we need to bowl 559 scratch per game or 828 handicapped.

On Sunday, I went into the Bud Light League with the HCLC Doc's words on my mind. He said to focus on making a good shot on this shot. Don't worry about what has happened or what will happen. Focus on the now. The first time I tried this, I got a 255. That may be a coincidence, or it may not, but I think it's good advice, especially on nights like tonight when our fate rests entirely in our own hands.


  1. I went to our Chinese teacher to get a translation of 推推哦's comment. It's complimentary, so allow me to repsond for you, brother.

    Спасибо за комплимент! Было бы лучше здесь писать по-английски. :)

  2. Many thanks, eb. Google just opened the floodgates to all kinds of Chinese porn commenting.


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