Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Defiance of the Probabilities

Do you know the difference between a lawyer and rooster? A rooster clucks defiance. So this morning I decided to do a team by team breakdown of our bowling performance. Last night, we faced Lesser Fat for the third time this season. The Fatties are comprised of Randy, Schneids, Lucke, and Fleming. They have three straight on bowlers and one with a light hook. They are slightly better than we are with a handicap about 40 pins less than ours. Over these three occasions, we have won a total of two games against them. What about the rest of the league? Here is the breakdown of the win percentages for all eight teams in the league when facing the Movements:

The first thing to notice is that six out of eight teams have winning records when facing us this year. One team, The Mighty Hucks, has split with us. Only one team, Prairie Rose, has a losing record. Strangely, we have been great against Rose with a 10-2 record. The other thing to notice is the three teams who have absolutely dominated us: Lesser Fat, Little Caesars, and the Wolfpack. With the Movements, these teams represent the worst bowlers in the league by average (no offense intended to any of you; just stating the facts ma'am). Given our handicapping system, our chances of victory should be greatest against those teams. Yet, they have had our number. This is definitely shaping up to be a season not to remember.

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  1. I second that emotion, the last sentence of your post.


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