Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Four L's of Bowling

Any true connoisseur of bowling knows the four L's. If you do not, you average under 260. Pathetic. For those of you who require schooling in the art of rolling, I will reluctantly oblige:

1) Laramie - The Gem City. Population 27,204. Elevation: 7,165 ft above sea level. Bowling: The highest per capita number of 200+ bowlers in the world. Mecca is to Islam as Laramie is to Kegling.

2) Lanes- Eighteen highly engineered plastic bowling surfaces covering hardwood. Ten on the left side; eight on the right. The right is reserved for nobility.

3) Lounge- The locker room. Prior to and post-rolling, this is the chosen sanctuary. Put your ass on a stool and knock one back. It's almost time to roll, or it might be time to commiserate with your colleagues about your inability to breach 800.

4) Liquor- A little somethin' to take home, or perhaps to sip prior to arrival. Either way, it is the secret sauce of striking success.


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