Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Hangover Cure

Somehow I am able to track 42 detailed bowling statistics for five bowlers, but I am unable to keep track of our schedule. I thought we would have a bye this week, but no, we faced the men of Prairie Rose. Before I report on last night's match, I would like to note that way back in September, I remarked on the luck of our draw at the beginning of the season. Because we drew the 10-spot, we would frequently bowl unopposed. In the end, our draw turned out to be very unlucky when one team dropped out and another was added. When we finally bowl with a bye next, week, it will only be the second time all season (I think), despite having bowled against some teams now five times.

So, we did not bowl unopposed last night. Instead, we faced the only team against whom we have had any luck this season, Prairie Rose. The men of Rose work at and presumably own the Prairie Rose Cafe. If you click here, you can read a couple of reviews of the Rose, and I think they hit the nail on the head. The first is titled "Great Hangover Cure", and reads, "The prairie rose kicks ass and has become a regular sunday morning ritual of mine thanks to their delicious greasy breakfast food, coffee cups that are always being filled, and a friendly staff." I agree, although I would probably omit the word "greasy". Prairie Rose is easily the best breakfast in town. Strangely, for some reason, bowling against the Rose for us this year has also been a bowling hangover cure, but this has not always been the case.

We did not bowl particularly well. Only John bested his average, and by just ten pins. The rest of us were under average, but only slightly. I would say as a team, we were barely under average. Still, it was enough to take three of four. We did so even though we fell behind nearly 60 pins after losing the first. It has been that kind of season. It seems like it doesn't really matter what we do. Our fate always seems to be determined by the other team. The graph below demonstrates this nicely. Last night, we collected 1,753 pins as a team. This season, that performance has equated to as few as zero to as many as three wins.

So, our record now improves to 17-27 or 10 games under .500. For some reason, at the end of the season, we are always trying to reach or maintain a .500 record. We have five weeks to get there. It won't be easy. If we go 3-1 every week for the next five, we will end up 32-32. According to the schedule, which I triple-checked, we have a bye next week. Let's take advantage of it.

[I have not kept up with posting box scores because it is kind of a pain in the ass to do it the old way. Instead, I'll just post the series summary stats from the spreadsheet here. Just click on it to enlarge.]


  1. So if I'm reading the chart correctly, your 2nd highest team total resulted in only 1 win? Ouch.

  2. You got it. That's exactly what I'm talking about. How well or poorly we bowl seems to have very little to do with how many games we win.

  3. OK I got it. I wonder if the chart would differ significantly if instead of total pins vs wins it showed pins over/under team average vs wins.

  4. No, not really because our averages have not changes substantially over the course of the season. Many sports are this way. Sometimes 70 points wins a basketball game; sometimes not. A team can win because they played well, because the other team played poorly, or both. In the end, at least for our team, it really looks like how well we bowl has very little to do with how many games we win. I know that sounds very strange, but it's true.


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