Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maintaining Status

When the worst bowling teams in the world compete every year, beginning in 2010, in the WTSBMBC, the rules are clear. The team who wins at least two of three handicapped games is victorious. But one must ask what brings more notoriety, being the "best of the worst bowling teams in the world" or the "worst bowling team in the world". Without additional editorial, I will present our scores:

Game 1: JL:121; TS 171; MK: 93; JD 128 ::: Scratch 513, Hcdp: 271, Total: 784

Game 2: JL: 135; TS: 146; MK: 100; JD: 158 ::: Scratch 539, Hcdp: 271, Total: 810

Game 3: JL: 151; TS: 122; MK: 195; JD: 166 ::: Scratch 634, Hcdp: 271, Total: 905

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  1. Sorry for the delay and minor technical difficulties... I'm posted on the other side, finally. I think we took two...


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