Friday, April 2, 2010

The Back 5 in Bowling

There's a common saying in golf, "There's always the Back 9." It is whipped out to make your buddy feel better about his awful performance on the first nine holes. Starting on the 10th tee, he has a chance to redeem the round.

The same concept applies to bowling with a couple of differences. A game of bowling last about 20 minutes. A round of golf is about four hours long. There are 10 frames in bowling versus 18 holes in golf. In bowling, the two halves of the game are not entirely independent because you may still be completing your Front five frames as you roll your first ball in the 7th. Still, the point is that even when you have an absolutely disastrous Front five in bowling, the game is far from over.

A couple of weeks ago, our sub K-Terk suggested that I look at the greatest comeback games in Bowl Movement history. Seeing as how were are in the midst of an attempt to make a massive comeback to reach a .500 record, it seemed like an apt thing to do. Keeping in mind that as many as 30 pins can be added to frames 4 and 5 while bowling in frames 6 and 7, the maximum number of pins that can be attained in the Front 5 is 120. In the Back 5, you can get as many as 180.

Here are some of the greatest comeback games of all time by bowler:

The choice of a game for John was easy. It happened last week, and it represents his personal best. He started the game with a gutter ball followed by a six. He marked every frame afterward to end with 230. He recorded 138 pins on the Back 5 vs. 92 on the Front.

My best comeback game occurred almost one year ago on April 13th of 2009. In that game, I opened up on three frames in the Front 5 and was sitting on a strike and a score of 56 as I turned the corner. I started the Back with four strikes to complete a five-bagger and end with a 203. That game was in fact my first 200 game in league, and what a comeback was required to get it.

For the Ging Man, I went back to December 14, 2009. The Rook had opened his first three frames, but finished the Front with a spare-strike combo to sit on a 55 as he turned the corner. In the Back 5, he stayed clean and put up a beefy 129 pins to finish with a 184.

For Daniele, I had numerous games from which to choose, but I decided to select the one with the greatest differential between Front and Back scores. On November 23 of 2009, he had this strange game. He opened every frame of the Front 5 except the 2nd, which oddly was a man spare. He began the 6th with a score of only 47 pins and despite badly needing a mark, he only got nine pins including only one on his first ball. Then seemingly out of nowhere, Mr. Erratic recorded a 4-bagger in frames 7 through 10, to add 106 pins to his score. JD finished with a respectable 165 after struggling the entire game.

May the end of the 09-10 Bernaski season be as inspired as the end of these games.

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  1. JL: A turkey and a hambone in the same game. NICE.
    TS: There's nothing a 5-bagger won't cure.
    JG: A clean game after opening the front 3 including a turkey. I'd take a 184 any day of the week.
    JL: The first 6 frames look like a train wreck waiting to happen. The hambone to close out the game was clutch.


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