Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bowling Alley Mural Reviews: La Flotilla

Today we review the mural La Flotilla by Anonymous. This week's piece was submitted for review by Ken Pomeroy who had the great privilege of bowling in its shadow at Sandills Bowling Center in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Dominating the composition, a flotilla of pins carefully navigates a tightly spaced planetary system of bowling balls. The bluish purple night sky is spattered with stars and nebulae. One pin fires its rocket to adjust its course. The imaginative author of this great work of bowling space art takes a sarcastic jab at the sci-fi and stellar genres of kegel expression in which pins are often depicted as stationary while balls are on the attack. In contrast, in La Flotilla (pronounced with the soft "y" of "tortilla"), a small group of pin frigates traverses space to attack a group of unforeseen enemy pin craft. Rather than viewing the warfare of bowling as a battle of balls versus pins, Anonymous asks whether pins can be viewed as being in a constant state of internal conflict while bowling balls are little but conscientious objectors.


  1. I may use this for the cover of my new book.

    It's a vampire-boy wizard-dark ring-talking lion-steampunk-poor kid dominating football at a private school-documentary about dolphins and fast food- bobsledding fiction story set against the backdrop of the 19th Century struggles of a young Sikh boy and Indo-Chinese Rule. I know that genre is flooded right now; but I think my writing style, coupled with copious amounts of codeine left over from my surgery, should really set it apart.

  2. I rarely ever use the expression LOL because it is so rarely actually true, but somehow in the case of the comments you leave on this blog, you leave me L'ing OL

  3. And I can't wait to get my hands on it.


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