Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bowling Puzzler XII: The Half Perfect Woman

The lovely lady in the poster to the left may have gone straight to DVD, but that is not her only alluring quality. When she goes bowling, she has a perfect game exactly 50% of the time. That's right, every time she begins a game, she has a 50% chance of rolling 12 strikes in a row. Given this amazing body of bowling work, what can we infer about her strike percentage? Specifically, I would like to know:

On average, what percentage of frames does she strike?


  1. This depends mostly on the games that she doesn't roll a 300. In those games, she could roll anywhere from 0-11 strikes, meaning her strike % would be anywhere from 50-95.8% (12/24 to 23/24).
    But in pure mathematical terms, if the chances of her rolling a 300 game are 50%, that will mean that the formula for the % of each shot she throws resulting in a strike would be

    x^12 = 0.50

    In this case, x would equal 94.3875%, which would be her strike %. Can she sub next Wednesday night?

  2. Rich, you totally cracked me up with that last line. Nice one. And you are correct. To finish your equation... so x = 12th root of (0.5) or x = 0.5 ^ (1/12), which is exactly what you say it is. Thanks for showing up out of the blue and giving me a much needed laugh.

  3. Find her and ask her that question. She always struck me as smart....


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