Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of the birth of the first son of our anchorman JD. Accordingly, prior to bowling we convened at his house to eat some fried trout, knock back a few cold ones, and celebrate the start of Luciano's fourth year. Coincidentally, it was also the birthday of Megan Bilotte, the wife of the captain of Team Pizza Pizza, so Nathan missed Bernaski last night. Two weeks ago the Gingman, aka "The Rookie," made the mistake of taking his significant other out for drinks prior to bowling on the occasion of her birthday, after which he formed his own club, by shooting an 80.

Can you keep all of this straight? Well, these plot lines are strangely tied and a skilled writer could make them converge for some exciting conclusion, but I have no idea how to do that. In short, the veteran Movements probably had a couple too many beers prior to bowling because we were celebrating a birthday (a rookie mistake). Simultaneously, the Rookie matured as a bowler, atoning for his past sins by rolling the first 500 series ever bowled by a BM rook.

So, congrats to Luca, Megan, and Ging for having special days. As for the competition, we took the 1st game and lost the next three. We didn't bowl badly. I consider anytime we crest 1800 pins scratch a decent night, but the Wolfpack bowled even better.

On a personal note, in the 9th frame of Game 3, I lost the ball on the back swing and it dropped it behind me with a huge thud. That new trick may have cost me my fiver, but given the concentration of ethanol coursing through my veins, I was happy to average over 160. With last night's 1-3 performance, the chance of reaching the .500 mark for the 2nd half has all but evaporated. One more week to go!


  1. I've accidentally released the ball backwards, and I was sober. Not sure if this helps your cause at all, though; I'm generally regarded as an idiot.

  2. Hi guys. This last weekend was an amazing one for me bowling wise. I'm not so sure whether telling here is a good idea or not.You see, I bowl better than Gingman aka "The Rookie." If it isn't let me know and I'll delete. So, here goes...
    I came 2nd in the Polish Bowling Cup 2010!! Yes, that's right I bowled against the best in the country and was second.Hough!

  3. Nice going Hugh! Of course you can share your accomplishments here. You must have kicked ass.

    by the way, how many polacks does it take to set a full rack of pins?

  4. Oh, just noticed the Polack Q: ...
    A: Just one, but you need 101 Wyoming cowboys in case he goes on strike!

  5. Well done. Greetings from hawaii. I'm on a break from the blog. Be back soon.


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