Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I remember my mom bowling in 1972

For those of you who missed it, Sarah gave her big speech at the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America's International Bowl Expo 2010. I'm sure the BPAA got what they paid for... a well thought out, folksy analysis of the state of the sport coupled with her views on the macro- and microeconomic context of bowling and how it relates to the changing demographics of both the country and the game.

My favorite moment was when Sarah recalled fond memories of her dad's bowling league in Idaho, memories that formed when she was an infant less than three months in age. Similarly, some of my fondest in utero memories were of my mother bowling in late 1972. Snuggled up in her womb, I recall hearing the muffled sounds of balls rolling and pins crashing down.

Of course, there was also this moment at the expo when some dude seemed way too excited to meet the quitter governor.

Now I shall retreat back to my bowling hibernation cave.


  1. I have vivid memories of my mother drinking latex paint while I was in the womb, to which I credit my ability to see through both time and space. I can also smell the color red.

  2. You guys provide just a wealth of information that can't be found anywhere else.

    Got a charge out of Kafka's comment. Maybe he's on to something.

  3. Hey Doc, good to hear from ya. If you want to stay informed on all the things that don't matter, this is the place. Kafka, I know. You in town yet? Time to hit the links.

  4. That video is priceless. And Kafka just cracks me up...

  5. I am in town, but still work a few days a week over the hill. Haven't had a chance to hit the links yet; I'll give you a call soon to set up a time :)


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