Sunday, July 11, 2010

A mild itch

In Laramie, Wyoming, summer is a cherished time. It refers to the time between June 28 and July 21 when you leave the windows open in your house. Well, not wide open. You don't want to let the mosquitoes in, do you? Anyway, the 19 days of summer are the only days when you can be outside. Accordingly, on these days, the Movements take advantage of the opportunity to do other things, such as trout fishing, golf, nude speed walking, and yard work.

Still, I can't help but hear a whisper in the wind. Something calls me from the north. You see, I have not placed a 14 lbs ball into my hand in nearly two months. On the way down the mountain from slaying the trout on Saturday, I mentioned to the other two senior BM's my interest in rekindling the bowling flame. Johnebob said, "I'm not bowling again until Week 1 of the season." I replied, "You don't even want a warm up after the informational meeting?" He said, "Remember when Joe and I were out of town, and we needed you to go to the informational meeting, and you said, 'Hell no!'." I said, "Really?"

The point of that pointless dialog is that I think I need to hit the Lanes of Laramie. I think I need to let the Black Stallion out of her stable. I think I need to punish the pins once again. If my dream of dreaming about being a PBA bowler is ever to come true, I need to unleash my black and green balls from their sack. This week I will do so. The question is, what will I bowl? Only Pinnius knows.


  1. Careful with your balls, big boy. And, at your age, you might want to consider some protection...

    Informative and entertaining post, but you have to explain how the graphic fits.

    It's early, the time of day when subtleties (as well as BFOs) tend to elude me.

  2. they are musical rests... as in a rest from bowling.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    (sip of coffee)

    I was thinking something along the lines of "the hills are alive with the sound of..."

  4. Returning after a lengthy hiatus is hit-and-miss for me; softball, volleyball, and soccer have gone well this year, but golf and bowling were nothing to be proud of. This may be due to the repetition and inherent "skill factor" of games like golf and bowling, as compared to me just being required to punch or kick something. I think bowling your end of the season average would be a noble goal.

    As for your "mild itch", I apologize; you shouldn't have sat so close to me at the 19th hole last night. Put some vinegar on it.

  5. Musical rests... mmm. Always seem to be learning somthing new from you. A very entertaining read. Nice itch :)
    Vice champion
    Polish Mens' Cup 2010
    :):):)Yes! Yes! Yes!

  6. Thanks Hugh. Nice work in the Polish Cup! I bowled six games the other day. My arm has been sore ever since.

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