Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They are risen

In case you have been having thoughts to yourself that go something like this, "I wonder where dem Movements at?", it's kind of a long story. Like the Easter Bunny, we've been in a semi-hibernation state, only to arise when the bell tolls marking the start of Memorial League of Bernaski. The bell has tolled, my friends.

Plus, I have a hard time getting to the computer over the stack of fan mail that had accumulated. Well, that might be true if I was 1 mm tall, but I'm not.

Truth be told, I am having an excessively difficult time finding the motivation to get into that USBC spirit. Sure, I like to show up on Monday night, knock a few back, and attempt, albeit poorly, to knock a few pins down, but bowling has lost its cache. Maybe the "sport" will regain it's shine in near time. It probably will. But I have been BUSY. I have been distracted. I guess I remembered that I have another life... one beyond bowling... if that is believable.

But worry not, amigos, the Report shall continue. As proof of that, let me attempt to summarize the state of the Movements in about three sentences.

We are three weeks into the season. We sit with a 7-5 record. Week one, we split with the Lazers, followed by a 3-1 performance against Vacant. Last night, we split with Lounge. Personally, my bowling is suffering big time. It is in part lack of practice and part lanes that are Arid Extra Dry. We'll see how it goes... Stay tuned.