Friday, October 8, 2010

Bowling Puzzler IX: Axial Rotations

It's time to bring back the bowling puzzler, and to inaugurate the new season, I decided to start with a relatively simple one. Let's begin with a couple of assumptions:

1) A bowling ball is characterized by the maximum legal diameter as permitted by the USBC.

2) That ball rolls across the foul line.

3) On its way to the headpin, it does not bounce or skid.

4) It strikes the headpin dead center.

Here's the question: How many rotations does the ball make from the moment it crosses the foul line to the moment it strikes the pin?


  1. assuming a ball has a circumfrence of 27 inches and the length of the lane to the headpin is 60 feet, I reckon a granny roll from the foul line (hypothetically exact, I guess, like subjective football field yardage measurements) to the headpin would be (60*12)/27, whatever that is (26 and some change). Now. Tell me what I'm missing in this equation, because YOU know and I know that it can't be this easy. It never is.

  2. Hey, Eb, you got it!!!! Хорошо! Very nice. I think this is an omen for a great season to come.

    Now, if you want to be really crazy about it, you can give me the answer to three decimal places and take into account the diameter of the pin.

  3. Спасибо тебе. Вот. 26.666?

  4. By my estimation it's 26.576 rotations.

  5. And if you ever see 26 lines of oil on your ball, you can rest assured you're rolling it too slow lol.


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