Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling Grounded

As is obvious to the twoish people who read this blog, I have had a hard finding my mojo. There are a number of reasons for this, and I don't really want to get into them. But the good news is that I finally feel like I am ready to go. There are two things (I think) that will pull me out of my blogging slump: 1) strikes and 2) statistics.

This season started without fanfare. It was suddenly upon us, and I was not ready for it. I'm pretty sure none of us were. The lanes seemed super dry. I am accustomed to seeing stripes of grease across the surface of my ball, but I was seeing none. I was having a hell of a hard time getting the ball to stay on the pocket side. I needed to regain my bowling strength. This week, I finally started to feel like it was coming back.

The other thing that has kept me from writing is record keeping. Every week, I keep score by hand. Then, I come home and enter those data into my spreadsheet. I had allowed four weeks of data to pile up leaving an onerous chore on my desk with seemingly no time to care of it. Tonight, I have done so.

The bottom line is that it finally feels like there is gas in the tank, and keys are in the ignition. I have plenty to say, and I'm ready to let it out. For the time being, I just want to make a few comments on status of the Movements.

Through four weeks, we have a winning record, and we have done so without putting up insanely high averages. In fact, of the core Movements, two of our averages have dropped since the end of last year. John's has fallen by 3 pins. Mine is down the most from a 164 to a 157. Ging is up a a pair of pins, and Daniele is up one. Except for me, we all have pretty much picked up where we left off, and given the nature of the handicapping system, I am grateful for a seven pin decline to start the season.

We have all had very strong weeks. Week 1 belonged to Johnebob. He started the season with a 500 series. Week 2 was our worst week on record (a 1587 series). I am happy to say that I was absent that day. Weeks 3 and 4 have belonged to Daniele, who averaged 169 for the two. I also had a good week this week with a 500 series and a 200 game. The Ging Man, formerly known as "The Rookie", started the season with a 420 series, and we expect him to be in that neighborhood all year long.

We have already had two subs. In Week 1, Nathan hopped on board and contributed to a new team record, when we picked up 54.3% of our spares. In Week 2, K-Terk (aka Kafka) joined us to put up an 85 in Game 2 followed by a 164 in the 3rd.

So the Movements are off and running. For the sake of an olde tyme BM Report feel, I felt it was necessary to include a graph. This bar chart above shows individual averages of the core Movements after four weeks for this season and last. Although this shows that my start to the season has not been nearly as hot as last, it finally feels good to be back.


  1. As long as there is a graph and/or some boolean (to me, not to the team doctor) explanation incorporated into a post, then we know it's you. Good to have you back (finally).

    (We've put aside our Team HCLC intervention plan for now...besides, it costs a lot of money in gas and beer to get from here to there anyway)

  2. And P.S. The Frogs are gearing up for Wyoming this weekend... Couldn't help but pause for a moment of signage under the poster you sent me a year (a YEAR?!) ago... It is hanging proudly in my classroom.

  3. Welcome back! As this is the flagship of bowling blogs, it just didn't seem right to start the season without The BMers.

    As for dry lanes, I struggle mightily under those conditions too. You'd think the house would oil 'em up before league play to avoid damaging the boards. We're lucky, our house lays down fresh oil before the start of our league.

  4. EB, the cowboys don't have a chance. I'm on the Rangers bandwagon after the Rox crashed.

    MD, There is a league right before ours. They seem to remove a ton of oil, leaving us with lanes that are difficult to judge.


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