Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spare Change

Only a few short years ago, we first entered the Memorial Bowling League of Bernaski. In those days, we felt like strangers in a strange land. These days, we are more like old grizzled veterans. We have seen many teams interred in the great sepulchre of bowling mortality. We have also seen new men step foot on the field of Bernaski battle.

Having accrued many wounds in duels of bowling sport, we feel it is not only our right but also our duty to give new teams a hearty welcome, and by that, of course, I mean thorough ass kicking. Welcome to the league, chumps!

In reality, though, it never seems to work that way. It usually goes something like this: "Welcome to the league. You are now competing against the league's bottom feeders. Enjoy your first taste of sweet sweet victory."

Last night, we were determined to do things differently, and we did. Sorta. We started Game 1 on a tear. We were absolutely on fire. In the first frame, Johnebob converted his spare. So did I. Then, Gingy went 9-spare. JD followed that up with a split conversion: 8/. The next frame, we spared every frame as well. Then, Laughlin picked up a man spare. I struck my third. Ging followed with 9-spare, and JD with an X. We started the first game with 12 straight marks, easily a Movement record. We laughed and gave each other endless fist bumps and high fives, but those were perhaps premature.

Our opponent, known only by a name somewhat reminiscent of the days of Soviet communism, "Team 3", started very poorly but turned it on the 2nd half. By the 10th frame, it was mano a mano, and the outcome did not go our way. We lost by a single pin. One fucking pin! 895 to 894!!!!!! Damn you Team 3!!!!!

The next two games were also remarkably close. None was decided before the 10th frame. We bowled our asses off. So did they. We put up over 1900 pins. We averaged 160 pins per bowler per game. I could go on and on about the statistical oddities of this night of bowling. I could mention the four or five team records we set. Instead, I think I will just mention two.

Before I get to those, I will report that we went 2-2. On a night when we should have won all four, we came away with only two wins. I'll take them. Through five weeks of bowling, we have not had a losing night. That's a darn good start.

Ok. So, Daniele had another 500 series with a 517. He is brushing up against a 160 average. The most amazing team stat of the night goes to the Gingy, who just last year was a bumbling rookie. Last night he went 100% on single pin spares, converting all ten of his chances. This is the same guy who only converted 52.2% of his single pin tries last year.

The spare stats for the whole team were remarkable. Overall, we converted 58 spares. Our highest total prior that point was 51. As shown in the graph above, we picked up a total of 61.7% of our spares beating our old record by a large margin, approximately 7%. We went spare crazy. It was a good thing because the strikes were not falling.

So, we had one of our best nights of bowling ever, but we only won two games. Don't worry about us. We don't feel bad for ourselves. We just had a slight change in our spare game. What's that? You feel our pain? You want to help? You're feeling charitable? Well, we'd happily accept your spare change.


  1. Good job, BMers! And good post, Todd! We had a night like that last week (bowled well but lost)... My dream is to have a night during which everyone on our team is in the 500s. You guys were halfway there!

  2. It seems as though you have had an epiphany on the lanes. You set scoring records by converting more spares, not by throwing more strikes. You will find that as you improve over time, your spare game will be responsible for more of your higher scores than being able to throw more strikes. As your spare game improves, so will your ability to strike, as your accuracy will also be improving. Nice job, and keep up the blog entries!

  3. EB, 2000 pins scratch for the night has been a goal since the start of last year. It is a tough thing to do.

    Rich, I think you are right. If you can pick up spares, the pocket shouldn't be hard to find.

  4. For us, breaking 2400 would be a feat; a 2500 might induce in me a seizure.


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