Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We have won the league!.....

.....That is what I hope to be saying in April/May 2011 when we finish the marathon season. For now, I'll take the 7-5, plus our possible 2-2 last night and strive for the best. Dr. Surovell deserves accolades for his 200+ game last night! A feat still cherrished by the movements and thier faithful followers. And by the way, the movement faithful now number over 4,500! Oh, wait make that 450! No wait, make that 4 or 5. Anyway to all those loyal followers- let's get another season off on the right foot!


  1. The Washington, D.C. branch of S.U.C.K. will be following the BMers season with great interest. Good luck fellas!

  2. Urban, Nice to see you self appreciation. you had a nice night, too. MD, glad to see you have joined the SUCK movement. I will very soon be on the ball again. -TS


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